by Jennifer





Happy Holidays FLY kula!

I am sure that I am not alone in feeling pulled in multiple directions at this time of year. Between fun parties, gift giving, shopping, baking, car pooling, work and the other daily stuff, life just picks up the pace and we have no choice but to follow. Even as yogis, although we know that slowing down, finding our center, getting adequate sleep and making sure to eat a balanced diet is the better way, tis the season to disregard what we know for that tasty cocktail, extra cookie and late night party. Remember that to be your best self and to be able to give generously of your self, you need to replenish. Here are a few things to help you self nurture while making your holiday memories.

1) Gaiam TV has a promotion for 12 free days of yoga to keep you filled with gratitude. Check it out here.

2) A salty, sugary treat in which to indulge — no post eating self-judgment or shaming allowed.

3) Unabashed excitement to share this post by Epicure and Culture that features FLY! Those of you who have traveled with us know that we are all about balance in life—combining yoga of all sorts with the great outdoors and amazing food and wine is what makes our trips special and life fun. We are so glad that others agree. Hope you join us for some self care this year.

4) If juicing is something that you are interested in starting or do already as a way to keep your body in maximum health, check out this great blog post by citycalm.

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