by Jennifer


I love that first warm day of spring when you can open the windows and doors to let the light and fresh air in and darkness and stale, spent air out. The energy of the house feels different with the windows open wide. It is time to open up the windows and doors in ourselves as well to let the light shine on our darkness. It’s time to do some spring cleaning on your soul. It is time to let go.

I recently saw the TED talk by Ash Beckman that touches on the fact that we all have dark closets that we want to hide in at times in our lives. That everyone has hardship. That we all have had the experience of being afraid of having a hard conversation—usually about some truth about our self and our feelings. We’ve all been hurt. It is part of being human. We can start to share our truths and connect instead of hide in the dark.

I was reading a great essay by Tanya McClure which also touched me deeply. Here is the passage that she shared.

My STUFF. My STUFF is booze, is food, is fear. My STUFF is pain, is rage, is sadness. My STUFF is believing I am unhireable. My STUFF is ruthlessly judging every word I write. My STUFF is believing I have nothing important to say. My STUFF is depression and paralysis and an insatiable longing for love and acceptance. My STUFF is not asking too much of others. My STUFF is lost years with my father. My STUFF is mourning for all the STUFF my mom can’t mourn for. My STUFF is carrying her stuff. My STUFF is an inability to confront my mom to tell her how I feel… Here is what I know about the tsunami of STUFF. When you’re with it in the deep ocean, you barely notice as the wave pushes upward and slowly begins to radiate out.

Spring is the perfect time to let go. To examine what “stuff” is hiding in your closet and begin the process of opening the door to allow the light in and our truest most authentic self out.

So join me in letting go this spring. Open your closet door and let go of fear, judgement, other’s opinions, indecision, needing to be right, hesitation, worry, needing to seek advice, anxiety, planning, perfection. Shine light on your stuff and let it go. You might not get applause, or a thank you note or recognition of any kind. But you will feel an energy shift, a lightness and a freedom to be.

Happy spring y’all.

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